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October 12, 2015

Up & Away with The Balloon Bar

The Yellow Spectacles & The Balloon Bar
Fancy this, a giant golden balloon attached to a tail in the color schemes of ravishing silver, gold, & metallic.
Well, I can fancy this {as can you through the pictures} with this balloon beauty that arrived at my doorstep earlier this month.
Where can one find such a well-dressed balloon & others like it? The Balloon Bar.

Basically, The Balloon Bar is a fancy {yet affordable} balloon shop that runs on helium & imagination! Yeah, you guessed it, the creatives over at this different kind-of-bar have a balloon idea in mind for every {&any} occasion{s}.
Really, you name the color of the balloon, the tail, & the balloon's shape! It can be completely created/customized especially for you!
Birthday boppers,  party goers, bloggers,  children, & wedding parties are creating their own balloons at The Balloon Bar--I have to confess, I am a little buzzed with all this balloon bonanza.

The balloons over at The Balloon Bar are dreamed & created in Austin, Texas with the head creative officer, Anna Enriquez being the gal with the helium power.
What are the ingredients & success secretes to a up-start balloon business? The Yellow Specs chatted with Anna to see how her kind Valentine's Day gesture turned into a blooming business. Along with Anna's story, TYS was inspired by her golden balloon & went a little wild with autumn golds & mad plaids.


TYS: Can you briefly explain the nature of your business? And How long you have been in business?

The Balloon Bar: I started this business on February 9th, 2015. I decided to do a DIY balloon for my boyfriend to give on Valentines Day! When I made it, I showed it to my friend, who was outside my apartment and a girl saw it, went head over heels and decided to buy it from me. 
From there, the next day two girls called me, asking my for the exact balloon, which was a heart shaped balloon with red, pink and purple tassels. 

Balloon Tassels 
TYS: What is it like to work with Balloons on a daily basis?

TBB: Working with balloons everyday is SO much fun! There is never a dull moment in the studio. There is always glitter, confetti, tassels, paper, markers, odd objects literally EVERYWHERE, so after a while we gave up on organizing everything! 

TYS: Is there a typical "day" in your world when it comes to The Balloon Bar..?

TBB: There is actually a typical day for The Balloon Bar and that is making our most popular balloon, The Parrot {a festive, glittery colorful, party balloon}.
"Little did I know {my hobby} would bloom after a month. I started getting order on a daily basis. I currently sell balloons with tassels, which can be customized by the client, as well as huge frames, 'Capture It!' that are also customize-able to the clients liking"-Anna
TYS: How do you find others to either hire on to work with or collaborate with?-Do you look for something specific?

TBB: I like to collaborate with bloggers who believe in the same concept as me. 
"To spread happiness to the world" and not being afraid to be goofy! I like people who are not afraid to be themselves and have a positive energy. I like to be surrounded with people who are outgoing and true to themselves.

TYS: What has been the most challenging aspect of your job? How have you coped?

TBB: The most challenging aspect has been the work load and how to manage my time. This is my "side-job" because I have a full time job working at a law firm (weird, I know! Law and balloons are completely different careers). 
I went old school and bought a calendar in order to keep my orders organized, ideas and thoughts.  
  "I like people who are not afraid to be themselves and have a positive energy"-TBB.

TYS: Okay, The most rewarding thing is your line of of work...?

TBB: I LOVE LOVE to see the smile on my client's face when they see the balloon for the first time! We live in a world where life puts us through a roller coaster and sometimes we are riding so low on that roller coaster and need a little cheering up! So just seeing that smile for less than a minute is priceless. 


TYS: Fun things on the horizon for The Balloon Bar are..? 

TBB: We are launching new products for Fall and it does not only involve balloons! I will leave it to your imagination! Also, we are expanding to another city, which we reveal in the upcoming months! 

TYS: Where do you come up with your concepts and designs?

TBB: These balloons are clearly not my invention! I would see them in pictures and in different cities! In order to make them special, I allow my clients to customize them to their liking! 
As to my designs? I owe them all to my mother and myself because two brains are better than one right? My mother is so creative and we are always tossing ideas around and that is how we do it here at The Balloon Bar, it is all about teamwork! 

Bloggers & Balloons
TYS: In three words The Balloon Bar is...

TBB: Daily balloon party!!  

 "My mother is so creative and we are always tossing ideas around and that is how we do it here at The Balloon Bar, it is all about teamwork!"-Anna
TYS:  How can people find, shop, and connect with you? 

TBB: I LOVE LOVE Instagram so much! Ever since Instagram launched, I believe it has opened so many doors to many people. I use it a lot, and use hashtags to my advantage so people can find me. I also like to collaborate with bloggers to get the word out for my balloons! Another way to connect/ shop is through my website.

Aside from ordering your festive balloons from The Balloon Bar {& follow the fun on their SnapChat} Shop the post for plaid & fall decor!: 

Thank You, The Balloon Bar!!!

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