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Pirate P-ARR-ty ft Jackson Morgan

May 18, 2017

I don't know about you, but when the 'summer blockbusters' start hitting theaters mid-May it gets me really excited for the warmer days ahead---particularly, I am excited to see a certain new pirate movie that comes out in a few days.

{Note, this product was gifted for me to review--all opinions are mine} 

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream 


Aside from summer & pirate fun Jackson Morgan, the makers of Southern Cream { super tasty whiskey cream company} I think pair pretty well with the theme of the post you know, pirates like their ahem, beverages.

Not only do I find Jackson Morgan's packaging to be lovely, but unique their flavors mixed drink flavors are delicious.

Here you'll see two of their new summer'17 flavors:

1. Banna Pudding Cream  ←

2. Whipped Orange Cream

Certainly yummy & perfect for the hot summer days ahead.

**With anything that contains alcohol you must be over 21 and sip responsibly**

JM Thanks for the drinks all opinions are mine 

For the Jackson Morgan fun, {their gallery is really beautiful} on Instagram & Twitter #SIPANDBESOCIAL


  1. Such a cute theme! Going to check out their Instagram right after I post this! Have a great weekend, girly! :)



  2. These creams sound super delicious, I'll have to keep them in mind. Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a great day!



  3. Sounds soooo delicious I want to try!!

  4. I rarely ever drink alcohol but I am willing to try it more when there are other flavors to drown out the alcohol taste! hehe The bread pudding one sounds delicious!


  5. I am the same way Tina--it's good too!--Katelyn xx


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