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Pick Your Color

April 27, 2017

I'm so happy that it's SPRING-While I normally stay on the clear coat side of the nail polish circuit-I cannot stop admiring all of the pretty colors that Essie comes in! Seriously, I find myself saying, 'o, I need this one' or 'omg look at this shade!'  💅

"I am a believer that color affects people's moods."-Lilly Pulitzer 

Am I the only one who does this? Below, since it's spring I've rounded up a few of the colors I am currently color crushing on--let me know your faves too!

Romp & Roll

April 24, 2017

I got a joke {bad} joke to start off your week....

What springtime flowers grow on your face?
Tulips! hah ha get it (two lips).....🌷🌷

Okay, corny, but hopefully you smiled--mission accomplished! Speaking of smiling--rompers make me smile & this one here is from a Disney Beauty & the Beast collection {it's a similar print to Belle's dress she wore at the movie's end} which happens to be one of my favorite scenes.

this romper is on sale too! 🌷

rose gold Jord watch 🌷

Tell me, one springtime item or trend that you can't help but smile. See you Thursday with a new post!

Quay sunglasses are my favorite brand-btw 😀

Healthy Hair with a Personalized Twist ft. Function of Beauty

April 20, 2017

I have to confess, when it comes to hair care, I am pretty lax---skin care I am proactive, but for some reason {maybe it's the time factor} I let hair slide a bit. However, recently, I tried Function of Beauty.

{Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine}   

Function of Beauty 
&While I don't want to sound like an add {seriously} I thought this was pretty cool as they make shampoo & conditioner where you can essentially build your own--total #hairgoal, right? It's like Build a Bear, but for hair, as you can customize essentially everything from your hair type, scent preference, color, & fragrance.
''Personalized Shampoo & Conditioner unique as YOU"-Function of Beauty

Here's my bottle rundown:

Wavy, medium, normal

deep condition, replenish hair, hydrate, anti-frizz, soothe the scalp

essential oils

& a few active ingredients are shea butter, quinoa, protein, tamarind fruit, coconut milk, & so on....{read full list here}

I can say, that I love my name on the bottles {so cute} & that this hair product really soothes a sore dry scalp--plus, the essential oil fragrance is really relaxing.

Thank you Function of Beauty all opinions are my own 

Color Me Rose Gold ft. Jord Wood Watches

April 17, 2017

Since Apple debuted their rose gold color I have literally been obsessed ever since. Or maybe it's the fact that rose gold and pink look so chic together? Either way, when it comes to tech, accessories, & home accents I always think rose gold is a smart choice. In this post's case, I believe it's timeless too.

{Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine}  

Cora Koa & Rose Gold Watch 

Without further ado, I am really loving the Jord Cora Koa & Rose Gold wood watch I recently received.

As rose gold is a part of my daily aesthetic it basically goes with everything--especially fun blush tones ---which is perfect for spring! You'd think a wood watch would feel a bit odd on your wrist, but it's actually very lightweight & of course, the rose gold face makes it pop against your clothing & wrist.

P.S Their watches come in the nicest wood box accompanied by a microfiber cloth. Follow Jord & see how other bloggers cleverly styles their timepieces on Instagram

& Don't forget to enter here on the page to win $100 gift code to get their own Jord watch {every entree will automatically get $25}. Thanks Jord for sponsoring this post---all opinion are my own. 💛

Wooden Wristwatch

Weekend Vibes ft. Sydney Elizabeth Golf

April 13, 2017

 💛💛  If you're ready to walk into a {hopefully} sunny spring weekend, I am with you! More so, if you like to stay active over the weekends as well as stylish it can be a challenge--which is why I really love wearing the {uber} colorful skorts from Sydney Elizabeth Golf.

{Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 

Sydney Elizabeth Golf 

Basically, there's sewed in shorts under here--lol--actually, they are under all her skirts/skorts.

Each of SEG skorts are created for stylish female golfers, but they're are also practical {plus, stylish} for any active gal on the go. The best part is that her designs even have handy side pockets.

The Ophelia Skort

Check out her new spring prints here.  See ya on the sunny side. 🌼
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Seeing Clearly ft. Phonetic Computer Eyewear

April 10, 2017

It's no illusion that I like--rather--love eyeglasses--really I'd be lost without them. Okay, more like blind, but basically, the same thing. 😎

Which leads me to my favorite post of the month {drum roll} a new eyewear post ft Phonetic Computer Eyewear.

Lucy Cuneo Cell Phone Case 

Basically, what sets Phonetic Computer Eyewear apart is that their lens protects your eyes from computer strain--which at first I was like...how does this work & does it?

{Note the eyeglasses worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 
But after wearing these specs {within a day} I noticed a huge difference--my eyes weren't as heavy nor tired after looking at my screen throughout the day--being a blogger is one thing, but a writer--always writing at my desk these glasses are heaven sent, lol.  💜

My frames are called August frames & they're like a clear, purple, pink, lucite with solid black sides-totally, I am obsessed with these!!

"Reduces transmission of violet/blue light, thereby reducing eyestrain and improving visual clarity while viewing computer screens, tablets, and other digital devices"--Phonetic Computer Eyewear 

The fun thing is that you can get their specs in prescription, non-prescription, & readers --all with the same goal to help your eyes from digital strain.

August Frames 

To learn more about the lens technology you can read that here & you can shop their frames here.

I am already wanting another pair & really love the fact that the frames {of these particular ones} capture different lights & colors--so, they're never really the same color....💜💙💗

Cora Rose Gold Jord Wood Watch 

Keep up with Phonetic on Twitter & Instagram for deals, discounts, as well as updates---of course, all opinions are my own--Thank You {so much} Phonetic!

Hop-To-It- Easy Easter Basket Essentials

April 6, 2017

I don't know about you, but Easter is one of my favorite holidays {I'd say Easter & The 4th of July} because well, it's warm for one & two the bright springtime blooms/colors are rather lovely!

LNR Crochet Designs

Along with Easter comes chocolates, bunnies, & baskets. Below, I am showing three different Easter Basket themes {Girlie, Glam, & Whimsy} to inspire you {motivate the bunny} on what to stock up your springtime baskets with. Keep up with me on Twitter @Chef_Katelyn as I share more Easter/spring inspiration 😁

Whimsy 💓

Glam 💋

Also, Lauren, from LNR Crochet Designs creates the cutest drink cozies with Disney & other character inspiration she made the Belle one you see here in this post, Follow her on Insta @lnrcrochetdesigns 

Girlie 💖

Hello April ft. Lauren James

April 3, 2017

April, it's so good to see you {finally!} and I am so pumped that you're spring showers will bring {my fave} May Flowers.

 💙 Lauren James /Poplin Shorts-Mint 
I am in the process of breaking out the shorter hemlines {werk-ing on my pre-summer tan, LOL} which brings me to these slight minty-fresh shorts from Lauren James. With the tone blush becoming a staple I feel like mint can become one too, after all, it goes with brown {here} pinks, grays, white, and so many other hues.  💜

 {Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 
Madden Girl Shoes-POM-POMS 💛

What about you? Are you ready for flowers, shorts, summertime tans, and all things warm?

Thank You, Lauren James for sponsoring this post!

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