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Hitting 'Refresh' with Patchology

March 30, 2017

Recently, {within the last year} I have taken a liking to using various masks and pre-made masks in the individual packet to aid in skin brightening, health, glow, & overall moisturization--the charcoal ones are my favorite.

{Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 


Makeup tote via Borough 

Which leads me to this post as I was super excited to try the fun masks and lip patches that Patchology sent over.

mud mask--literally no muddy mess 😁
Essentially, they have a quick 'patch' to fix up for your facial/skin care routine --you know, whenever you need a quick rejuvenation. My favorite is their lip patches as it only takes about five mins {one lip patch}, but your lips feel much better-less chapped afterward. To learn more about Patchology see here & shop their fun patches here.

& In case you're curious, I keep all my skin care essentials tucked inside this Nauti tote from Borough--an apparel & textiles brand in Charleston, SC.

Thank you Patchology for sponsoring this post as all opinions are my own.

5 min lip gels 

5 min eye revive 

Latte Runs with United Monograms

March 27, 2017

Starting off the week with a simple & very spring-like OOTD from United Monograms. Earlier in the month, I did a flat lay series with this tee shirt and monogram capri leggings.

{Note the products worn in this post were gifted by the brand---all opinions are mine} 
shop my shirt here    💛💋💋

shop my leggings here   💜

Basically, {aside from the whole lipstick 💋 & latte thing} I love that the cup has my monogram on it too cute! They customize anything & everything. I 100% recommend them/their monogramming services.

Enjoy & I hope everyone has a good week! Follow me on Instagram for more photos @katelynchef

Springy Reads

March 23, 2017

Yay, for those cheering for the weekend with the hopes that it will be a warm sunny one! 💚 💛 Incase you find yourself with some downtime or the weather isn't that great-I do have some reading suggestions based on a few articles I have written within the past weeks--they all have a certain-spring-like-appeal to them.

I hope you enjoy!

Teen Vogue:

1. This Colorful Target Collab Will Fill Your Room with Joy: Have you seen the bright & colorful Oh Joy! &Target furniture collection?

2. Bit +Co DIY Kits Debut at Target: Now you can craft on spring break!

Martha Stewart:

1. This Artist Lucy Cuneo Captures the Breathtaking Beauty of Blooms in Her New Series: I really love this one & if you love peonies-I think you will too!

2. Here's a Pretty New Way to Preserve Flowers-In a Lightbulb: Also so pretty & really inventive--Flower lovers must read!

3. The Dog Parker Maybe Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon: Literally, looks like something from the future lol but I think pets and pet owners {in the city} will really like this new concept.

4. Let These Dreamy 'Musical' Balloons Inspire Your Next Party Idea: Looking at the images just reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment she buys w/ Mr. Big in the springtime in the first SATC movie-so pretty!

Brit + Co:

1. 14 Adorable Reasons to Host a Mini Brunch This Weekend: Brunches are so fun, but mini foods, drinks, & plates are too!

Who's ready for spring!? Plus, the necklace here is from The Tiny Tassel-use code 'Specs15'' for a discount on any of their jewelry.

Ready-or-Knot-It's Spring! ft. Gina Made It

March 20, 2017

Yassss! It's finally Spring!!!!!! 🌼  🍀  🌼  🍀  To celebrate, I am sharing a few of my favorite knotted spring accessories. One is the spring'17 trendy item--the hanker-kief & the other is a knotted headband from the shop, Gina Made It {she makes hair accessories is the prettiest headbands & bows}

Dress via Allura Boutique / Headband Gina Made It 

Let me know if you're adding any knots to your spring attire below.  🌸 🌸   & how real looking are these {faux} peonies?! So, pretty!

Knotty Accessories 

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You're My Guest

March 16, 2017

Who's {so very} excited for the live-action Beauty & the Beast movie out this weekend?

As long as I have been around {lol as funny as that sounds} aside from The Little Mermaid Beauty & the Beast has been my favorite Disney movie.

I'm not a huge {never was} Cinderella fan, but oh-my-gosh I thought the live-action was so beautiful & well done I can't wait to see what they did with B&B! Plus, isn't Emma Watson as Belle like casting perfection?

💛 Plus, how much do you love this B&B cell phone case meant to appear like Belle's enchanted mirror? I wish I could remember what I did with my mirror from the animated film circa 1990 something, lol

Anyways, to kick off the festivities I'm throwing a B&B party of my own--note my 'Bell' sleeve top from Allura Boutique featured in the last post because it seems like a very Belle worthy top.

Also, if you're seeking more live-action B&B news you'll enjoy my recent Teen Vogue article here--merci! 

via GIPHY /P.S. Totally my favorite scene from the movie

Be my guest! -Follow me on Twitter for movie-related tweets @chef_katelyn

Just Flow-With It: ft. Allura Boutique

March 13, 2017

One of my favorite things about following fashion/style bloggers on Instagram is seeing on they style their cold-shoulder/off-the-shoulder tops-there are soooo many & everyone has a unique twist to wearing their OTS tops.

Here, this top is from Allura Boutique & yes, it's really flow-y 😋.

Top: Allura Boutique 

Below, are a few of my fave OTS tops too & feel free to comment how you like to style your best {I really love this one-so cute!}. & fun news: comeback Thursday for a Beauty & the Beast party-theme post---I am really excited for the movie!

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Flat-Lay Tips ft. United Monograms

March 9, 2017

To me, one of my favorite things about blogging & watching {really admiring} other bloggers & their blogs is the art of the flat lay. As my blog has progressed I have gotten better at the whole flat lay game & {although it makes me nervous to do so} a few have expressed interest in hearing tips on perfecting the flat lay.

Although, I am no expert-below, are a few flat lay tips I have learned along the way--Although, I believe Lauren at Vandi Fair & Kasey at Styled by Kasey do A-MAZING flat lays!

Be sure to comment any of your tips below.

United Monograms-T-Shirt is on Sale!

Theme 💛

When planning/snapping your flat lays I have found that keeping a 'theme' is the best way to organize your pics & get the most out of one snap. For example, the pictures in this post are themed around spring & active/leisure wear.

Color Combination 💜

Similar to a theme, but have a color combo in mind will not only make it 100x easier for you to select your items for your pictures but having similar colors will bring the whole picture together in the end. For example, here I have the pop of green with pink and black as my accent colors.

Tassel Necklace via The Tiny Tassel 

Lighting 💙

Like all #bloggerproblems lighting is critical & can often be the trickiest thing to overcome. I try to take my photos is natural light as much as possible. A favorite light editing app I use is SnapSeed & it makes lightening flat lay photos a breeze!

Styling 💚

Posing & arranging your props/garments is also a biggie. I try to leave a bit of space in-between each item of clothing etc. to create space --otherwise, it can be too cluttered. Before taking the photo, I look through the camera lens doing one last 'eye-edit.' Basically, adding, repositioning, or removing items for the final snap. Also, ironing clothes is a must--everything looks so much neater & crisp with pressed clothes--a pain yes but you'll be happy with the results!

& big thanks to the cutest #OOTD from United Monograms -I can't wait for {future post alert} to share me actually wearing this lipstick, lattes, & legging look. 

for more #flaylays follow me on IG @Katelynchef 

Spring Fancies Pink n' Scallops ft. Allura Boutique

March 6, 2017

Kicking off the first {full} week of march like a lion--in hot pink with scallop trim. If pink isn't your thing can we talk about how cute anything is with a scallop trim?

This particular dress is from Allura Boutique & it's under $35! While I wish it was warm enough to go sleeveless--it's not which is why I paired it with a navy gingham top.

A buyer's note, this dress does fit true to size.

Hot Pink Scallop Dress

CUTEST J.CREW Sneakers for $30

Tell me, what are you up to the first week of March. Fun fact, Spring 1st is March 20th!

Thank You, Allura Boutique for sponsoring this post! 

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Spring Daze

March 2, 2017

Finalllllly spring colors and wardrobes can be bought & brought out of their closet storage. Yay!
Here in this post, you'll notice that while the sun is out the temps are still chilly--thankfully easy-breezy-pink n' purple jogger pants come to assist. 🌸

Colorful sweatshirts {as basic as they are} I feel are great to throw on & go with the chance os still having a pop of color with a bit of warmth.

Headband:Gina Made It 

The tassel necklace is from cute shop called, Tiny Tassel & use can use code: SPEC15 for 15% off.

Sydney Elizabeth Golf Cap 

Happy Color-Blocking-Pattern-Popping!

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