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You Used to Call Me On Your Shark Phone: Summer Cellphone Cases

July 28, 2016

This isn't your Hot Line Bling, but its close enough with super cute & super fun cell phone cases to dress up your favorite tech accessory this summer.

Typically, my iPhone 6s is dressed in her simple Rose Gold bumper-but with summertime  --Rosie {as I call her, lol} likes to get in the seasonal spirit.

I was able to find {love Amazon} this jelly Stella McCartney shark cell phone case for under $10.00!

Of course, it is linked below in the widgets & I have also shared a few other jelly/summer-fun cell phone cases that I really like.

Do you like to swap your cell phone case out every now and again? Let me know below.

Cheers, Dolls.

Eye Candy: D & G Glasses

July 25, 2016

Megan Trainor is all about that bass. Carrie Bradshaw is a known shoe connoisseur. Kate Spade treats polka dots as a neutral. We all have something that makes us tick--just like these ladies above have, you as well as myself.

What is the one thing that I can never have enough of? Eye Glasses.


New Spectacles!
Shocker. Recently, I got my new frames for the year-& I couldn't be happier with them for the reason{s} being-the shape & color.

My past few frames have been bigger {& black} & this time I wanted to downsize. I want people look at me & not just see my glasses, but to see me.

These D & G frames are a more circular shape with a key-hole bridge & a Lucite blue hue. Totally different.

Similar, Here

When picking out new frames {which is only my most favorite day-ever!} I have certain rules:

  • -They need to be fun
  • -Unique
  • -Fit my bridge 
  • -Comfortable 

I understand that some like to stay on the safe side when selecting frames, but frames are the biggest way I like to express myself- I really don't hold back.

I mean, I am not going Elton John bling crazy, but I do like fun {tasteful}  & trendy frames.

Now, what about you-are there any eyewear trends that you have your eye on this year? Let me know!

p.s. I had way too much fun listing my other favorite eyeglasses in the widgets! Take a look.

Ella & Mila: Let's Samba Summer

July 21, 2016

Confession-when it comes to nail polish I am a neutral, blush tone, & nude -clear even kinda girl. Chipped colored nail polish gives me anxiety-ha ha-but I do from time to time like to pack a punch & go with a bold nail color-Summertime is the ideal time for me to do so.

The Samba Collection 
New colors tend to come out every few months 
Have you heard of the nail polish {Cali based, American made} brand, Ella + Mila? They are a super sweet nail polish confectioner that creates nail polish with love.

Truly, their polish is vegan & animal cruelty-free. They pride themselves on the 5-Free ingredients:

  • Formaldehyde 
  • Toluene
  • DiButyl Phthalate {DBP}
  • Formaldehyde  Resin
  • Camphor
Aside from their eco-friendly ingredients-I really love their packaging-simple but pretty with a tiny elephant as their logo. 

Perfect Party Nails 

So, how does the polish work & wear/tear--great actually. Ella + Mila sent me two colors from their new Samba Collection:

  1. Pinktini
  2. Limeade

The colors are vibrant, apply smoothly with little need for a second coat, & lasts for a good duration of time--I do apply a top coat to help with chipping from an other brand like L'oreal  Paris {Ella + Mila do have their over top coat versions as well}, but I am happy to report that the color lasts.


There is a lot of power in their pint size bottles & colors range from pretty neutrals, neons, warms shades, to autumn hues too. See Ella + Mila's polish color spectrum, here. 

I'd love to hear if you have ever worn polish by Ella + Mila before & what is your summer nail go-to hue?

Keep up with Ella + Mila on their social feeds & Samba on over to their site:

A Summer-To-Do List: Featuring Asher Riley

July 14, 2016

Hey Summer-slow down...you're going way too fast!

I love summer-do you? The only problem is that is goes by way too fast! In the spirit of keeping summer alive, I have a fun post featuring the needle point hats created by the Alabama brand, Asher Riley.

Asher Riley: Est. 2012

Really, what doesn't scream summer than a preppy-all American needle point hat? I can't think of anything else either. & just to share, Asher Riley is a small family business from Birmingham, Al. The name routes from their youngest, Asher & the family's Golden Retriever, Riley.

Needle -point goods are their niche-think pillows, caps, watch bands, flasks, dog collars sunglass straps, & much more.  

Insta: @Asherrileyllc
Now, who is with me when it comes to savoring the rest of the summer days ahead...?

See more needle point looks/ apparel with Asher Riley: Twitter/ Pinterest/Facebook/Insta

Gone Coastal: Bosom Buddy Bags

July 11, 2016

Hey there, lovelies. Whether you are on Instagram or shopping at your fav department store, straw bags are definitely hot this summer. I have purchased a few & have admired many with tassels & pom-poms alike, but none really compare to the {mostly} online retailer, Bosom Buddy Bags.

Bosom Buddy Bags 

These sunnies are linked below
Bosom Buddy Bags is a business ran out of the Baltimore, MD area & their motto is,

''Handbags as extraordinary as the women who carry them."

If you haven't seen a Bosom Buddy Bag-you're missing out. These straw bags are adorned with trims, ribbons, & much more. Each bag is unique as well as has a touch of a 'gone coastal vibe.'

BBB gifted The Yellow Spectacles with one of their nautical bags, Sailboat on Vertical for the likes of this post. I am kind-a in love with this bag!

I linked below to a few coastal favs below--the Lilly perfume honestly, smells so good!

Sailboat Vertical Bag {Nautical}
What I like {Love!} about this bag is that it isn't made from flimsy straw material-it's really solid & although its 'small' it is built like a bucket bag-meaning, it is deep!

Also, the inside of the bag is lined & has a draw string at the top to seal in all of your belongings.

Obviously, the bag's trim-the gold sailboat adornment & navy n' pink ribbon really takes this bag to the next level.  As the season transition into the next-so does the styles & embellishments of the BBB brand/merchandise. It is also an option for shoppers to customize their bag so it is 100% unique to their personal style.

I really like pairing this bag w/ the navy n' white Jack Roger-see the below
While, BBB has a vast selection of nautical themed bags-they have all sorts-from stripes to their signature Bee emblem.  & Yes, like the variety of bag themes they carry--all of their bags come in various sizes too.

Visiting BBB's site, it's like a preppy one-stop-shop as they have jewelry & wallets as well.

The even better news is that they have $5.00 Priority Mail shipping on all orders!

So, have you embraced the summer's straw bag trend?

& Explore BBB's beautiful bags on their social feeds: Instagram/ Twitter/ Blog/ FB /Pinterest. Share your BBB affection with #lovemybbbag @bosombuddybags

Be Kind: Wear & Share Trrtlz

July 7, 2016

How was everyone's Fourth? Hopefully, you didn't eat too much pie, had the right amount of sun, & saw some stunning firework displays. I mostly stayed by the pool, watched some fireworks, & enjoyed the company of my two dogs-Riley & Bentley.

Recently, I was inspired by both the colorful {various characters/animal} bracelets called, Trrtlz & a post on, The Glitter Guide called '10 Ways To Pay It Forward & Beyond This Summer.'


Me on Instagram @Katelynchef
& Really, these days-a small act of kindness goes a long way--in the GG article I mentioned, their  random ways to pay-it-forward are so simple yet impactful.

Think smiling {just because}, letting a driver merge in front of you, & offering to take a picture for someone/a couple trying to capture a moment--all really simple things that you can do to pay-it forward--Thanks, GG for composing this list.

Similar suite here-on sale!
Bringing it back to the bracelets you see here--Trrtlz sent me a TON! With the purpose to share & pass along a little compassion/good-will of my very own!
This theory-sharing small gestures- is what the Trrtlz brand is all about-small, simple, colorful, peaceful, & all around good vibes.

You can see more of the Trrtlz brand here & their Instagram @trrtlz 

I have already been passing out handfuls of these bracelets & gifted a few to fellow blogger friends too.

 Now, you can follow me on Instagram @Katelynchef as I will be giving away the rest there--which is why I left the tags on the bracelets.

Giveaway is no way sponsored/affiliated with Instagram Inc. 
Hopefully, your inspired to pay-it-forward today whether its holding the door for the person behind you, offering a smile, or wearing a bit of color on your wrist to remind you it is the little gestures that make your journey meaningful.

See you Monday!


Red White & Blueberry: Fourth of July Breakfast

July 4, 2016

Blueberry Mini Waffles
Happy Fourth of July USA. While, I know the 4th is a time where everyone is enjoying the outdoor summertime activities I will keep this post short & sweet--figuratively & somewhat literally.

This weekend with all the gathering, swimming, & BBQ-ing you'll need a breakfast of champions to take on the festive holiday weekend. Really, this is ideal all summer long-not just The 4th!

Flag toothpicks add a decorative flare 

With a mini-waffle maker from crate & barrel--too cute & so tiny! I made a festive breakfast/brunch just for The 4th.

Think fresh fruit, hot coffee, homemade blueberry {mini} waffles, syrup {I use sugar free}, & Americana touches. Surely, this will have you & your guests will be seeing fireworks.

Cheers, to the USA 

Lobster Mug /Nantucket Green Mountain Coffee
>Movie made with iMovie <
Tune into the mini movie for cooking tips --spraying the waffle maker between each waffle really helps & keeping in mind the Crate & Barrel waffle iron gets extremely HOT!

& a few Americana party pieces are below to get you inspired this weekend.

So, what are your Fourth of July plans? I wanna hear!

Come' On back on July 11th for another new post.

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