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Pretty Little Pumpkin Week: Mmm...Donuts

October 8, 2015

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Pretty Little Pumpkin Week

Normally, The Yellow Spectacles doesn't do Thursday posts. However, this week, PLPW isn't a traditional week. It's a pumpkin party.!. & No party is complete without I right?

So, what about pumpkin donuts? Nope, not donuts that taste like pumpkin {tempting though!} Rather, pumpkins that look like gourmet lil' donuts with extra sprinkles on top.

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Yes! I was struck with this post idea thanks to Target's seasonal {Spritz brand} DIY section ...they have kits that you can purchase to make these yourself. Click HERE.


However, I just bought their pumpkin{s} & used the supplies I had at home to make mine more unique...This Pretty Little Pumpkin idea is quick, easy, & cheap...

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The Recipe

The making of these pumpkins is easier too. Just paint the top half of your pumpkin {being the 'icing'} & sprinkle your beads {sprinkles} on top, let dry.

There you have it! Told you they were so quick to bake...I mean create. Plus, they are guilt free...hurry up before they run out of season.

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Doughnut Forget the Sprinkles!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post..the PLPW wrap up party & shop for your DIY ready pumpkins below...

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