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Dress Your Eyes

September 9, 2015

"Boys make passes at Girls who wear Glasses"-Kate Spade. That is what is neatly inscribed on the inside of my new black & white Kate Spade frames. & I could not be anymore delighted with my new pair of spectacles. No to worry--my Yellow D & G specs are still my fav {sadly, they have been discontinued}, but just as I love to change up my looks & home I also feel that it is important to do so with my glasses--each year.


 Really, I consider my glasses to be my trademark. Picking out a pair of frames is my most favorite time of year. When selecting frames, I opt for what I find to be the most unique, the most interesting & the most 'me.'

Below, I have search far & wide to find some other amazing spectacles---feel free to try each one on for size.

Dolls, if the spectacles fit--buy 'em! That's my personal spectacle motto. X.O.

Let's Shop....

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  1. Only Kate Spade could come up with such a witty saying! Love your new frames!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day


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