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Step In Toe with Blogger, Tori & Her Blog, Prep For A Day

July 31, 2015

Instagram +Tori A. 

She is a pageant competitor, humanitarian, & an aspiring veterinarian. Oh, did I mention that she is a proficient &  popular prepster blogger with over 10k Instagram followers? It's true. Who is she...?

Meet Tori, the animal lover, quote appreciator & 1950s era adorer preppy blogger behind her blog, Prep for a Day.

If you've ever read Tor'is blog {if not, it's time you should}you'll notice faster than you can mummer, Hepburn that her preppy blog isn't like most. No, her site is not littered with merchandise to give-away, nor you'll find any selfies in front of boardwalks, but rather insightful content & has a old soul perception. It's utterly refreshing...for the retail blogging world. 

Tori admits that she never ever saw one episode {not at least one?} of the preppy scandalous show, Gossip Girl--which really is a testament to how unique she is. Truthfully, Tori makes & writes her own topics that are far juicer than any headband Queen B ever adorned. 

Don't miss understand, Tori still has a deep appreciation for preppy, sophisticated brands such as Lilly Pulitzer & Kate Spade. She often features lux retailers on her website as well as offers her own views on how to make each designer label your own...in the same kind-of graceful way a 1950s movie star would do on the silver screen & ironically similar to what Queen B, Blair Waldorf would do.  

Are you intrigued by Tori? Keep reading to find out more! xo xo. 

The Yellow Spectacles: What made you want to blog?
Tori: I'd been following along with other blogs for quite some time, and I really liked the idea of being able to write about the things that inspired me.  I also liked the idea of being able to interact with others through my writing;  however, I didn't think anyone would want to read about my life or my opinions.  One day I just decided to take the plunge:  I sat down, opened up a Blogger account, and here I am!


TYS: Preppy style..how'd did that taste develop?
T: I didn't really have a certain style until eighth grade.  That was when I started browsing Pinterest, and I started seeing all of these outfits that were right up my alley.  They were all considered "preppy" outfits, so that's probably what encouraged me to become preppy.

TYS: Some blogs/bloggers you really admire....?
T: My favorite blogs are College Prep; Prep AvenueA Seersucker State of MindSincerely, SydLucky DayHistory In High Heels; and Polished and Pumped, just to name a few off of the top of my head.

TYS: I am going to pretend that The Yellow Spectacles is there too!

TYS: Where do you draw inspiration from?
T: My favorite blogs are College PrepPrep AvenueA Seersucker State of MindSincerely, SydLucky DayHistory In High Heels; and Polished and Pumped, just to name a few off of the top of my head.

TYS: I saw you love the 50s era...can you explain why?
T: The fifties era, in my opinion, was the Golden Age.  The dresses were fabulous, gentlemen weren't a rarity, the movies were hands-down amazing, and society, as a whole, just seemed a bit more polite and elegant.

TYS: What would you like to see your blog to evolve to-lead to?
T: I'd love to be able to partner my blog with a bigger company and/or blogger sometime in the future.  Really, I just want Prep For A Day to be a source of advice and inspiration for others

TYS: What are your career aspirations?
T: I  want to be a veterinarian more than anything else in the entire world.  I'm not quite sure what I'll be specializing in yet (equine, exotic, etc.), but I do know that I'd really like to be able to work at one of the animal hospitals across the country.  Besides that, I'd also love to become Miss Alabama one day--and believe me, that's a job all in itself.  And if I ever have any time left over, I'd like to be the director of a nonprofit that I'm currently working on.

TYS:  Your most favorite post ever written/or read...why?
T:  I absolutely love Prep Avenue's post about being "average."  Shannon shares how, even after endless studying and practicing, she received a C in one of her classes.  At first this devastated her (as it would have devastated me), but then she realized that, in the long run, the grade wouldn't really matter.  I really admire her for sharing her experience, and I also find it very easy to relate to everything she's saying (I can be overly obsessed with my grades).
 The fifties era, in my opinion, was the Golden Age.  The dresses were fabulous, gentlemen weren't a rarity, the movies were hands-down amazing, and society, as a whole, just seemed a bit more polite and elegant"-Tori. 
TYS: Three words to describe your blog?
T:Classic, eloquent, and stylish are three words that I'd like to think my blog emulates.

TYS: One article you really want to write..why?
T: This is a bit hard for me, considering I spontaneously get ideas for new writing material daily.  I'd really like to do a post all about being a veterinarian--both the pros and the cons--because that's something that's a huge influence on my life, and I'd enjoy sharing that with others. 

See? It pays to go against the gain and forge your own unique path...but Tori-it's okay to see at least one G.G. episode..as they say, When in Rome!.  

Want a preppy look like Tori's shop below!

Creating A Coastal Room: Room DIY

July 30, 2015

Coastal Room

Blue & White. Shabby Chic & Seaside Chic decor. Hydrangea bouquets & silver knobs. All sound blissfully divine?

Surely they all are! These elements, along with others are a few of the components that went into converting our sun room into a  fourth bedroom.

The room underwent a total transformation--everything from ripping out the floor {replacing it with a white wash lament}to painting the walls {Benjamin Moore, Knitting Needle Gray}& swapping the couch out for an Ikea coastal daybed.

No matter what room in your home you are wanting to transform--deciding on a style & color scheme is the way to go.

Ikea Daybed, Target Shabby Chic Quilt, Hobby Lobby Decorative Knobs

Personally, my taste revolves around a little bit of shabby chic, a touch of a beach-y vibe, simple yet elegant accents--& always bright color combinations. What I really find to work in home decorating is mixing fancy/expensive items in with simpler/ less expensive elements. This way, your room never looks over-done, but never under dressed.

Enjoy the photos & you're welcome to shop the links below!

Dixie Delight: The Dixieland Collection Review

July 24, 2015

#Made in Dixieland

Just like mama used to make it is one of the many Southern phrases that the comfy cotton T-Shirt company, known as, The Dixieland Collection likes to exude. Since the collection's debut in 2014 they have grown and expanded their merchandise, clients, and southern phrases. 

I was so happy when my 100% cotton lilac mason jar logo Dixie Tee came in the mail for me to write this particular review on.
Bless Your Heart...Ain't a compliment
Everything about the shirt is sweet & soft. The 100% cotton material made this shirt feel like it has been my favorite go-to Tee  for a long while, but the the light purple shirt hue reminded me that it was in fact new!

A Belle always says, Thank You & Excuse me

The front is simple yet sweet with a little pocket sewn over the heart with the brand's logo stamped on front. Spinning around, you'll certainly turn heads as the back of the shirt sports,'The Dixieland Collection' inside a purple drawn mason jar with a large white flower. The whole look is utterly charming.

Dixieland is made in the USA
If you find yourself ogling this Dixie apparel feel free to saddle up & gallop over to their website as they have more soft color pallet Tees, fun tanks, & a new Sleeping Belle collection. Plus, every shirt comes with a Dixie rule sticker that can be displayed just about anywhere. 

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy monograms

You don't have to be an authentic Southern Belle to appreciate The Dixieland Collection's classy yet charismatic appeal. Of course, The Dixie's would appreciate it if you did put on some pearls with that Tee.!  

A Colorful Look @ The Instagram Page: Nerd In Pearls

July 21, 2015

Nerd In Pearls: Megan

Not all girls who wear Lilly sit at the country club checking out the ball boy while sipping pink fizzy drinks--not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is a preppy stereotype none-the-less.

No, some Lilly girls like Stars Wars, crunching numbers, cartoons, and other {stereotypical nerdy things}! That is how this TYS feature came-to-be with an instant Insta friend, Megan Stahl A.K.A @NerdinPearls.

If you are one her +4851 Instagram followers you already know Megan has a thing for posting flashy white toothy pics sporting popular nautically preppy brands such as Lilly Pulitzer, Jadelynn Brooke, & Vineyard Vines {to name a few}. While the colorful post are expected each day they have their own unique twist that are all very Megan.

In some posts, you willl notice a Star Wars mug next to a popp'in Lilly print or a Pokemon knit ball near a pair of nautical shorts. Megan's unique preppy  look is as refreshing as nursing a mint julep at the French Open.   

So, aside from her colorful wardrobe--what's Nerd In Pearls' social media success...inspiration...? Well, put on your spectacles to investigate further.

TYS: Tell me a little bit about your personal style?
Megan: I like things that are typically considered nerdy, like Star Wars, video games, and anime...but I also enjoy girly fashion, so an IG name combining both is how I came to nerdinpearls!

TYS: Do you work at Lilly or are you just a huge fan?
Megan: My style is casual preppy. I like bright colors but also being comfortable and relaxed. No button ups for me!

"I like things that are typically considered nerdy, like Star Wars, video games, and anime...but I also enjoy girly fashion, so an IG name combining both is how I came to nerdinpearls!"

TYS: What did you think about the whole (shopping experience/products) Lilly for Target?
Megan: I was extremely disappointed by the whole experience, and I was able to get many items (a plus to no one knowing about the brand here in Oregon). I really thought Lilly and Target should have been more transparent about the amount of product available and their online launch was a disaster, to say the least. The products were super cute and better made than expected though! 

Gotta Catch'em All!

TYS: What inspires you?
Megan: I was extremely disappointed by the whole experience, and I was able to get many items (a plus to no one knowing about the brand here in Oregon). I really thought Lilly and Target should have been more transparent about the amount of product available and their online launch was a disaster, to say the least. The products were super cute and better made than expected though

TYS: Do you blog or do anything as a creative outlet? If so what?
Megan: I currently do not have a blog, although I have been considering it!

TYS: What are your career aspirations?
Megan: My dream job would be to work in film production or be a creative director in the marketing field

TYS:  What is your ultimate go-to nautical -preppy lifestyle brand? Why?
Megan: Lilly Pulitzer is my go-to preppy brand! I love Lilly's story of how the brand got started, plus everything is cute and colorful!

TYS: Why do you think you have such a massive IG following?
Megan: I would say focusing on building and being a part of a community is why I have so many followers. My account never was and never will be about number of followers--it's always been about sharing a colorful part of my life and celebrating other ladies that do too! 

TYS: What advice do you give to people looking to have the same social media success?
Megan: If someone is looking to find success on IG I would recommend taking time to craft unique posts that really represent you and to make sure you interact with the community around you! 

Thanks Megan. Look forward to more colorful posts from you.
Love Megan's colorful wardrobe? Shop links below!

Dog Days of Summer: Colorful Pet Finds

July 17, 2015

Summer goes to the dogs...in the best way possible! Dogs deserve to live a creative & colorful life just as we get too.

Having two male yorkies (Riley & Bentley) I am always on the hunt for cool new pet finds. The creative community artisan shop, Etsy always has a vast selection of one-of-a-kind pet collars & leashes. I really love the shops that make Lilly Pulitzer inspired pet gear (Pinkie's Pet Gear, Lilly Duds & Pawsitive Style) are great Etsy shops. {shopping links in the images}

As for doggie duds & accessories PetSmart's line of Martha Stewart Pet Products are always on fleek no matter the season.

What my dogs & I are currently digging from MS is her dog birthday themed line. She has everything from birthday tees & party cake hats.
(By the way, all you well wishers...Riley's 2nd birthday is August 8th ).

Aside from wearable colorful  pet products, there is doggie home decor to take into consideration too. Nothing is worse than having a beautifully decorated studio & dog-gone-it! one frumpy dog bed can spoil the whole look.

There will be no spoiling any home zen when shopping the suave online pet boutique Dog & Crow (The Yellow Spectacles featured the owner, Kate Horseman last summer). Visiting the chic pet fashionista website, Dog-Milk will also scratch your itch to purchase designer dog products & organic pet treats.

So, these duds really give a new meaning to the coined term, Dog Days of Summer{interesting fact!} July 3-August 11 are the hottest summer days rerecorded by the countries near the Mediterranean due the position of the sun and dog star, Sirius. That's woof to know!

Designer pet products, comfy yet posh pet beds, colorful collars, & sweet organic treats truly put the French term Haute into Hot-Dog. Oh well it's only summer once a year! Spoil away!

{Disclaimer:No compensation or products were received in the writing of this article. The content is based solely on the writer's interests & personal taste....AKA just for fun & pet lover's enjoyment.  Product images captured via website, Polyvore. Enjoy!}   

Stop & And Smell the Hydrangeas

July 13, 2015

Let's just take a moment to look away from our screens (that's funny if you're reading this) to enjoy what maybe summer's most prettiest flower-The Hydrangea. A.K.A My favorite flower. Ever.!

Whether you are stumbling over these colorful blooms outside of a cottage in Maine or in a French botanical Jardin (garden) it's hard not to stop & stare at these chic flowers.

Aside from the pink, white, purple, & blue hydrangeas that grow under my kitchen window seal I am always scouting for hydrangea sighting this time of year.

Hydrangeas are beautiful, but did you know...

  • There are 23 variations of the hydrangea flower, macrophylla is the most commonly known or also known as, The Florist's Hydrangea 
  • Out of the 23 variations only 5 are grown in the USA-They originated in Japan way up in the mountainous regions
  • The hydrangea is the unofficial shabby chic home decor style accent 
  • The blooms represent preservation & everlasting --that's why they make the perfect wedding flowers symbolizing everlasting love
  • Hydrate your hydrangeas! They adore/needs lots of water! 
  • Hydrangeas need acidity in the soil--it is said that planting rusty nails in with the bulbs is one way to customize plant colors & richer petal tones
Early Spring & Fall is the best time to plant theses flowers

With all this chat...snap a few pics of this summer's most beautiful & bountiful hydrangeas blooms...or shop the link below to purchase hydrangeas that will last all year long!


July's Feature: Gracie In Prep

July 9, 2015

Gracie @gracieinprep

Picture this, swirls of gingham, pink bows, pixie dust, American pride, & Lilly prints...these are just a few of the charming staples your eyes will twinkle across when you visit, preppy blogger, Gracie, & her popular blog, Gracie in Prep. It's almost like eating a slice of apple pie only with your eyes!

Gracie's social media accounts, life, & travels seem to be reminiscent of a Disney fairy tale. Her photos are vibrant & colorfully unique--not-to-mention she seems to have stolen Ariel's mane of red hair from the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid.

While Gracie admits she has grown-up at the Disney Parks while wearing Lilly Pulitzer & adoring southern/preppy brands such as The Southern Shirt Company, J Crew, Tori Burch & Kendra Scott Jewelry--she certainly has put her own magical twist on her preppy personal perspective.

The Yellow Spectacles: How'd you get interested in blogging?
Gracie:  I started out with a Preppy Insta and wanted to take it to the next level. I was introduced to blogging by a good friend and it evolved from there.

TYS: If you could pick 3 words to describe your blog they'd be...?
G: Classy. Preppy. Whimsical.

TYS: Disney & Lily Pulitzer seem to be a BIG part of your theme...how'd that come to be?
G: I've grown up loving Disney as I've been at least once a year. And I've been wearing Lilly since I was a tot but have really fallen in love with it in the past years!

TYS: An ideal day for Gracie is...
G: Traveling!! I love traveling from Disney to Germany!

TYS: What are your career aspirations? Is blogging apart of it?
G: I'm hoping to get into the finance world, but don't know exactly what I want to do. I definitely plan to continue to blog on the side. The ultimate career would be working in the finance department for either Lilly Pulitzer or Disney!

TYS: Has your blog lead you to build any connections?
G: I have had the opportunity to work with some great companies on blog posts. My goal is to work with even more with some fabulous companies!

TYS: If you could interview one person who would it be & why?
G: Princess Kate! I absolutely love her style and who wouldn't want to chat with a Princess!  

TYS: Me too!


TYS: How have you been able to gather such a big fan IG base? Secrets ? Lol 
G: I just try to let it happen naturally and not force the followers however I've been a part of a few loop giveaways and that helps a lot.

TYS: What inspires you?
G: Pinterest @gracieinprep

For sure, there is a whole lot of prep in her step, but blog oglers need not to fret...Gracie has a lot of heart, charm & charisma behind each & every colorful post--with the help of a little pixie dust of course! 

Thanks Gracie!

Wanna get the preppy look? See the below.   No pixie dust required.

Punk Post: The Writer's Must Download App

July 6, 2015

Hand-Sketched Card Illustrations 

Being a writer isn't easy. For one, everything has gone digital. Good? Not always. Now anyone can be a writer whether you're a foodie blogger, have a Tumblr page dedicated to your four cats & their daily activities, or you like to keep your fellow Instagram followers informed with daily captions that accompany your bathroom selfies--so, yes, anyone can be a writer.

What makes one writer standout from another is yet to be determined. So, anyone can be a writer.?.. Good for you, but possibly bad for me --an English: Writing college degree holder!

Regardless, of my personal thoughts about lucid social media writers & celebrity authors there is one awesome app that every writer needs to download ASAP. And EVERYONE is a writer right??


The ultimate writer's app is called, PUNKPOST (which is free on the iTunes & Google Plus App Stores.) So what is this nifty new app that all need to get?

Basically, the idea behind the writing madness is a way for people to revolt against texts instead of handwritten letters sent via the-pony-express.

"Punkpost is a community of writers, artists, and designers who want to help you send handwritten cards"-Punkpost.co. 

Best part about the app--there is no actual writing involved as PunkPost transcribes your texts messages into beautifully scripted handwritten letters & then pairs the message with equally charming illustrations. You can customize & add thoughtful details too.

Your message masterpieces will then be stamped and mailed anywhere you'd like them to go. No really, there is a little person inside the app that actually writes out your cards and mails them the next day--hey, you'll even get a photo of your finished card as it ships out!

Ideally, this app is a blogger and creative mind's dream-come -true. Indeed, this app is for the creative's at heart, but it can also come in handy for those forgetful folks.

You can set up your account to give you birthday & card-worthy event dates reminders so you'll never send another belated "I'm sorry I forgot your B-Day" text again. That's just embarrassing...let Punkpost do the work!

I discovered this writer's app, because I am always on the hunt for fun, fresh, & exciting things/topics. Stumbling across the Brit & Co's 7 Apps That Make Sending Snail Mail Easy was how I was able to discover Punkpost.

"Punkposts makes for meaningful moments that just can't be replicated with an email, text, or Facebook message" Brit & Co

Luckily, I haven't forgotten the lost art of sending stationary through the US Postal Service, but just in-case you have click download. You're first card's cost is on them!

Feel free to use it to send me a "Thank You" card.


Americana Picnic

July 4, 2015

Red, White, & New: Stripe Collaborative Post with Prep for a Day

July 3, 2015

Happy Fourth of July Americans & America. In anticipation for the Fourth's festivities The Yellow Spectacles (myself) has collaborated with a preppy blogger, Tori & her inspirational blog,called,  Prep for a Day.   (A must read blog--add it to your list!)

What can you expect from the partnership? Well, a little Stars & Stripes & a few chic outfits staples to make this 4th extra special nice.

Tori & I decided to collaboratively come up with our own stripe inspired look(s) that is ideal for America's big birthday bash.

Maybe you'll find a little of your very own holiday inspiration here? Be sure to let us both know if you do!


If you're loving my stripe inspired look the pieces were purchased from a variety of retailers:

  • JC Penny's (last season) Amour T-Shirt
  • Navy Kicks (last season) Target
  • Stripped pants TJ Maxx 

A Festive Platter!

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